Welcome to the Joynare demo website. First of all, please note that the demo website is reseted every hour to avoid any misuse. While the reset process is running you might be unable to access the demo website. In such cases, please try again at a later time.


On the front-end, you can see several Joynare content modules on this page, below the currency swichter and the cart module.

All these modules come from different configurations of the same one, which is automatically installed with Joynare.

You will be able to customize your modules with a lot of options as well as CSS to fit your website properly.

On the top menu, you will see links for Joynare on the front-end that display the list of categories of products or a list of products, or directly the page of a product, or the cart page.

Once you add a product to the cart, you will be able to access the checkout process and you will be able to proceed until the end of the order confirmation.

If you log in as demo/demo, you will be able to access your user account  where you will be able to manage your addresses, view your orders, print invoices of them, download files from the products in those orders, manage your participation to the affiliate program, etc.

Finally, we invite you to also take a look at some of the Joomla templates out there, specially designed for Joynare:


The most important part of Joynare is on the back-end.

There, you will be able to manage your products, categories, customers, sales, zones, tax rules, currencies, discounts, coupons, order statuses, payment plugins, shipping plugins, banners, partners but also customize the views, emails, translations, content modules, content menus, fields, and visualize the statistics, etc.
You can log in as demo/demo on the back-end in order to test.


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